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Funding Options For PhD Abroad 

Here are some of the options you can expect to sponsor your PhD abroad:

  1. Charities: There are some NGO’s which are engaged in funding research and development in the scientific and technological field.
  2. Research council grant: You can expect Research council grants if you’re from the UK or EU. They’re non-repayable, and normally cover 3 or 4 years of post graduate doctorate level studying.
  3. Postgraduate education loans: PhD’s are not pursued by millions like MBA and MS programs. Few scholarly students would want to study at a doctorate level post Master’s. Hence, there are many institutions and forums lending Education loans for this level. Funding a PhD student is as good as you are funding a research industry.
  4. Employer sponsorship: If you working with a pharmaceutical company or a medical institute you can always ask your employers to sponsor your PhD program. If your work is going to be benefited by the doctorate education then they will always encourage it and help you financially too.
  5. Studentships: Studentship are commonly known as PhD scholarships. Its a popular form of funding for PhD students worldwide. Many universities offer a number of studentships and grants to help ease the financial pressure on PhD level students and encourage research work amongst individuals of high intellectual value.

Please contact us at Whizstorm and let our experts guide you with finance options for your PhD abroad.

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