How to manage preparation for IELTS at home?

How to prepare for IELTS at home?
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By Whizstorm 2020-03-30

1. Plan your days: Before opening the IELTS books, make sure you make a plan that suits you and you can stick to it. Don’t include things that you are not going to follow. This would waste your crucial time and make you regret it. However, you have to put more efforts and set new academic limits, since you are your own coach. The plan should be strict and include all the four sections of the exam on your daily time table.


2. Surround yourself with English: You can watch videos, hear speeches, and involve your friends and family for interactions. Include the English language in your daily life, so that you don’t hesitate in speaking section.


3. Test sample: There are many websites that provide sample test papers. Attempt these sample papers as much as possible with time management. This will give you an idea about your preparation and the section which you are finding difficult.



4. Focus and concentration: Once you attain the required skills for the test, practice and make them more precise. Listening and speaking require multitasking. Build your

concentration ability by listening to speeches and familiarize the accent and way of speaking.


5. Practice: Practicing whatever you are learning, will execute the knowledge practically. Practicing includes writing letters to your friends and family, writing a blog, reading English newspapers, listening to podcasts, etc. You will know how to deal with trick questions and release the hassle and fear of unexpected questionnaire.



6. Don’t stress yourself: You will have to commit to the preparation for almost the whole day. But, your plan must include a little free time, when you relax. Continuous concentration for long is not possible and can result in over-stressing your mind. Try sticking to the plan as much as you can, which would also increase your confidence.


7. Adapt the exam pattern: Get familiar with the exam pattern. Go through the sections and understand each process so that during the exam you know what’s coming next. This will also create a path in your mind, about the exam flow while appearing for IELTS


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