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By Whizstorm 2018-08-01

How to Prepare for IELTS (Common Tips)

Familiarising yourself with the pattern of the IELTS exam format right before taking the test. You need to build up the skills to crack the IELTS with a decent score. Instant preparation will be usually fruitless. Managing time effectively is of utmost importance in such exams. Studying for 3-4 hours a day for 4-5 weeks or more depending on your level of proficiency will give you time to cover all the basics of the English language with a few mock tests at the end.

It is suggested that you make yourself adept in grammar and there are no mistakes in the basic grammar and sentence structuring. Order of selection of questions should be done wisely to allow you to leave some time for final checks. Preparing in groups and with a study partner is an excellent idea. In this way, you can exchange ideas, clear doubts, compare marks, and motivate and encourage each other.

All bands are important but practice for sections that you are weak at. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the English language saves you so much time that it can be used for the preparation required. As you know learning a language is not an overnight job, it requires practice and determination.

It is very easy to get demotivated and discouraged when you are not able to solve all the questions or you are not achieving the level of fluency that is expected. However, the repetitive use of the English language in your daily life will only make you fluent. Try to associate more with the language by watching movies, speaking in English, reading newspapers and books, writing letters, etc.


Fluency earns more than vocabulary: Mugging up words for the sake of using difficult uncommon synonyms does not earn you marks in IELTS. Examiners are more interested in rating and assessing your fluency in speaking and writing English. Students should make sure to practice English speaking and writing by taking up various topics.


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