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What are the pros and cons of studying Masters in USA?

Masters program in the USA is a dream come true for undergraduate students. Many students after completing a bachelor’s become anxious about what next? Those who have already decided about pursuing a masters often waste a lot of time contemplating the pros and cons of flying abroad for higher studies. Also, when a student goes to another country, there are some aspects due to which it becomes burdensome for students to adhere to their liabilities. Furthermore, the reason we are discussing the pros, and cons of studying abroad is not only to make the students aware of the standard of education but also make them aware of the hurdles involved in the same.

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Why study in the USA? 


What are the pros of studying in the United States?

Following are the top pros of studying MS in USA :


1. Scholarship options:-

Most of the universities in the US provide scholarship options for students. This provides financial support to the students’ studying abroad plan. If you have a good academic score, you have more scholarship options. Some universities make it mandatory to opt for scholarships during your admission process. You need to research well to become a beneficiary of a scholarship program. Our team of experts at will guide you to different scholarships in different universities according to your scores and interests.


2. Internship opportunities:-

You can work at your own university and get your expenses covered. Working on a research program as a research assistant or an intern with a senior professor is also a great academic experience. This would be a quality practice that might let you break through future job opportunities.


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3. Professional intelligence:-

The USA is widely known for its quality education. The world-class teaching and up to date technologies train the students to become the best in their desired field of career. The knowledge and expertise of a student studying in the US differ from that of his contemporaries.


4. Interchangeable skills:-

You precisely gain a certain amount of skills where you can share your learning. You gain a group representative attitude and always try to strengthen your team members. Yet, you become competitive that adds to your self-growth to reach your planned goals.


5. Earn better:-

More than 80% of students aspire to go for MS abroad. The USA, being the highest in the standard of living pays a healthy salary to its employees. The work culture is decent and stress-free which suits Indian employees who are habitual to handling work stress peacefully. Also, due to the clean surrounding and pure climate, you stay healthy and save energy that can be channelized towards your work and performance.




What are the cons of studying in the United States? OR what are the concerns to consider to study in the USA?

Students should consider following concerns when planning to study in the USA.

Following are the top cons of studying MS in USA:


1. Cost of living:-

Living cost in the USA majorly depends on which country you are pursuing MS. Life in the USA is expensive. Food, clothing, accommodation and other daily expenses requirements may vary in different areas for any of these countries.

Visit to know more details about specific areas and their living expenses, apartments rents, etc.


2. Tuition fees:-

Education is becoming expensive even for basic schooling. Pursuing higher studies, that too in an economically developed country is a financial risk.

Tuition fees differ for private and public colleges.

3. According to economic times:-

1. For the USA:- around 30 lacs for private, and around 23 lacs for public colleges.

2. For Australia:-around 15 lacs.

3. For Canada:- on an average 13-15 lacs.

4. For the UK:- on an average 13 lacs.

Germany, on the other hand, is cheaper regarding overall expenses as there are no tuition fees for public colleges. Nevertheless, getting admission in Germany is challenging.


4. Food:-

There are sources of Indian food available in most parts of the USA. Obviously, taste is never the same. After a certain point, a student becomes sick and tired of eating storage food. Sometimes, it takes a year or more to visit the homeland, and students start craving for home-cooked food.


5. Excitement fades out:-

There are always chances of odds with people when you are introduced to a new country and surrounding. Initially, its like an adventure and new things are just thrown at you every day and there are ample activities to not make you feel lonely. It is important to engage yourself socially in and around the campus to keep up the excitement.

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6. Job security:-

Recently, there is a high decline in the USA for providing a stable job, for foreign students, due to unfriendly political scenarios. This doesn't mean that you won’t find a stable job. If the rate continues to go down, companies would cut out their employees conveniently. There is a lack of Indian employers being aware of international universities and the quality of foreign  education.

Through our years of experience in assisting students to study in the USA, our USA study abroad experts can easily cater to all the cons above and assist you in finding the right course to study in the USA.

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