What is the syllabus for IELTS?

IELTS section wise syllabus
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By Whizstorm 2020-03-30

What is the syllabus for IELTS?

 The syllabus is divided into four sections: - Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Speaking and Listening are the same for both Academic and General training formats but subject content and questions are different for Writing and Reading tests. The whole test duration is about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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 A. Speaking: -3 parts (questions), 11-14 minutes.


1. General questions(4-5 minutes)

2. Small Speech on a given topic(2-3 minutes)

3. Detailed discussion(5-6 minutes)


B. Listening: -4 recordings, 40+ questions, 30 Minutes.


1. Recording 1: Conversation between two people.

2. Recording 2: A monologue.

3. Recording 3: Conversation between 4 people in an educational or training context.

4. Recording 4: Monologue in an academic context.


C. Writing: - 2 questions, 60 minutes.

Academic: - One task involving illustration, explanatory viewpoints and logical conclusions.

One task involving essays with examples in support of your views.

General training: - One task of letter writing addressing an authority.

One task involving essay on the above viewpoint with relatable opinions.


D. Reading: - About 40 questions, 30 minutes.


Academic: - Three tasks involving paragraphs from a newspaper, research works, journals, and books, etc.


General training: - Three tasks involving paragraphs from company handbooks, brochures, and advertisements, etc.

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