Tell us about a time where you had to either take a risk or stay safe. What did you do? What happened? Would you do it again?

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Question: Tell us about a time where you had to either take a risk or stay safe. What did you do? What happened? Would you do it again?

As I came to the end of my school education in the 12th grade, I was really confused and at a crossroads with regard to my future career line. I was an above-average student, with not so much an inclination toward science and technology. I was very enthusiastic about business management, possessing an above-average proficiency in accounting and commerce.

Therefore it was but natural that my parents and all my colleagues assumed that I would take a step toward either pursuing a bachelor’s degree in management studies or studying to become a chartered accountant, given my academic learning inclination at school. That was the safe path to walk,

However, nobody, including me, could envisage the twist in the tale which was about to happen. I happened to be a very passionate home chef and was especially enamored by the skills and expertise of renowned world chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck, as well as Sanjeev Kapoor and Vikas Khanna, among others. One day I unintentionally began browsing careers in the hospitality industry. The more I delved into that sphere, the more I became fascinated with this industry. One day of browsing turned into weeks, and by the time I was done researching it, I became convinced that this profession was my true calling.

I also realized that it would be prudent to complete my graduation from my country and then apply to world-class institutes like the Culinary Institute of America or the famous Les Roches International in Switzerland.

This is when I decided and risked my career by banking on an unknown field, one which is still developing, and a path not walked by any of my colleagues, most of who were following on the traditional stream of Business or Accounting studies. But I had made up my mind, and I was resolute in my decision to gain admission to the premier Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Mumbai. My parents and colleagues were surprised, and some friends were shocked that I could undertake such a radical risk in my career. Still, I demonstrated to them all that it is better to follow my heart and pursue a profession that I was so passionate about, which will take me far in my career. I would be able to further my knowledge and skill-sets in a field that I was now coveting. I could aspire to become a Chef, an Operations Manager, a Resident Manager, amongst many other related positions. There was so much flexibility after completing this education.

Soon after, I gained admission to my desired Institute in Mumbai, much to the pride of my parents, and have never looked back since then. I can proudly say that I have thrived and learned so many things in this field that I sincerely look forward to conquering the world of culinary management overseas once I graduate in India. If I had to roll back time, I would undoubtedly take this risk and not play safe, and the results are there for all to see!

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