Tell us the best advice you’ve ever gotten, who told you it, and whether or not you followed the advice.

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Question: Tell us the best advice you’ve ever gotten, who told you it, and whether or not you followed the advice.

The best advice which was ever given to me, unsurprisingly by my school teacher, about the time that I was about to finish high school. I was frantically seeking some sort of quantifiable guidance on how I should approach my upcoming college life.

She sat me down one day during school recess, and I asked her how to deal with the new chapter in my life, which was attending college, and all the challenges that come with it. This is what she told me:

“Define for yourself why you want to achieve there. Then let everything you do support your focus. For example, if you are attending to party, do it well because this time in your life will be short and you will not get the sort of knowledge and skills that will support that type of party life that you had while there for a brief time you will spend in college. If this is what you want from college, your future self will not be happy with you.

If you go with the intent to gain knowledge and skills which are currently required in the job market, and for which high salaries are offered, you will be able to “Party” the way that you want for the rest of your life: Travel the world, buy the latest gadgets and electronics, afford the best apartments, life experiences, dining, among other things. This will necessitate you to endure a bit now so that you can have the sort of good life which you aspire for later. Your future self will always thank you for making such a sage decision.

There is a myriad of rationales to be in college. Identify for yourself why you are there, and pursue it persistently in the most irresponsible way that you can. If it is to party, be irresponsible. If you have arrived to equip yourself with those skills that will sort your career for life, you need to focus yourself on obtaining them in the most irresponsible and aggressive way that you can.”

The above discourse, which she related to me, had a profound and meaningful impact on my attitude toward college life. I was determined to make all her words count for me. Sure enough, I focused my entire college life around the principles which she had laid out for me, and as he put it, went all out irresponsibly to garner as much knowledge and skills for the most desirable academic career options. As a direct result of this, I earmarked the most wanted vocations and career options, then made a conscious effort to upgrade my skills specifically so that I could fall into some of those categories. In that effort, I was able to complete my college on a high note, securing almost all the campus placement positions which I interviewed for, thereby landing an exceptionally prestigious and well-paying job even before my graduation.

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