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Study in Germany

Study in Germany

Situated in the heart of Europe, Romantic Rhine, Berlin Wall, Heidelberg city and many different places are attractions to visit. Germany is a diverse country and has many options in field of tourism and culture and arts. Germans are ethnic and have spread their culture throughout. Clubbing, cinema and theatre are some other options for people in Germany.

Germany is well known for education welcoming students from different countries for their higher studies and research. A wide range of scientific oriented studies in various disciplines are offered. Universities offer students fields like Engineering, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Economics and Social Sciences and many more to study. More than 18,000 degree courses available for students to choose from. Options are not at bachelor’s or master’s level but also PhD degrees, with German as well as English as language of instruction. English programs are also taught at the German Universities and colleges and schools. International programs are offered in English language.

The institutions are set up combined with modern technologies and traditional methods for students to excel. There are more than 400 higher education institutions offering courses in graduate and undergraduate in these fields. The system, both Public and Private receives accreditation from state governed bodies. There are three types of institutes, universities, Universities of Applied Science, College of Art, Film and Music. The quality of education is highest and globally recognized, with less expensive tuition fees. The institutes and universities centers not only on theoretical education but also focuses on practical education.

Students willing to go to German universities get an advantage of learning with great research opportunities also. A student having knowledge of German language or knowing the language is considered as a prerequisite to enter the institute. Education is offered in both English and German language. As an international student, they are also required to have an English language proficiency score. Once these scores meet the necessary requirements, students can get an admit from the university.

A master’s degree usually takes 2 years while a PhD may take 3 to 4 years. The degree options allow students to have internship opportunities also. On completing education, German law allows international as well as domestic applicants to work for a certain period of months. Internship chance is given to experience social life and apply and implement concepts learned in the bachelors. Students can work for a period of 120 full days a year. Scholarship opportunities are also offered to students from the universities and other organizations. The learner has an opportunity to work and study simultaneously.

One of the perk is that the tuition fees is comparatively very low to no fees. With high quality education offered in prestigious universities, this is a country option that students wish to go. The infrastructure and academic excellence gives a scope for excellence in job market.

Eligibility Criteria

While considering admission in a host country, applicants are required to be ready with bunch of befitting requirement criterias. The institutes scrutinize and review number of documents listing from undergraduate marksheets to transcripts and may additional documents. The credits earned by the candidate should confirm about the knowledge he / she has of undergraduate or diploma years. These should also be certified / recognized from the academy or college the applicant has studies in. Some of the extra curricular activities and internship and industrial training certificates are also of importance. Further entry exams like GRE / GMAT and IELTS / TOEFL are also mandatory to be passed. This is not only applicable to fields of Engineering or Law or Medicine but also business and management programs. However, course requirements also vary for various university. For instance, a GPA or different percentile system from university of the home country to pursue a graduate program is important.

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