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Study in USA

Advancing technology, easy access to information and competitiveness has led to increase in the pursuit of different fields of study. Quality education has become the primary goal for every individual now.

International students come from diverse cultural, social and religious backgrounds. However, when moving abroad they must have broad knowledge and understanding of the culture as well as the people in and around them. The culture is contrastive and represents variety of identity and nationalities and at the same time the variety of cuisine includes hamburgers, potato chips, corn bread and many more. Climatic conditions is diversified with beautiful flora and fauna. The cost of living and daily expenses are calculated as per the area or the location.

US Education System

There is a steep increase every year in the number of students who wish to pursue their education abroad, especially in top universities in USA. With a large number of study options, research opportunities and advanced infrastructure, increasing number of students are considering United States as their study destination.

US is the heart of global education for research and education in Science, Technology, Engineering and other field of studies. Universities located in the heart of the country have its own importance in education and have great job opportunities. For instance, California has a rich and diverse field of opportunity and is considered the most ideal location for those who wish to gain a MS degree in fields related to Computer Science and Information Technology. There are really good opportunities for students who complete their MS or MBA degree programs from universities in USA.

The States has a large and comprehensive range of universities that allow aspirants to choose according to their area of interest. Study options are offered at various degree level such as undergraduate, graduate and Doctoral. Students can try their hands in the US global education in the fields of Arts, Business Administration, Music and Sports and many other fields. Some of the popular fields of study include Engineering, Science, Information System, Data Analytics where in students can do extensive research and build a strong professional career.

The education in USA changes its face with the growing job market and adapts to the needs of it. Scholars get a chance to work in companies after 6 months of their study. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) option is available to students, where they get work experience while studying. They can work part time on campus and extend their working time, in case of emergency or financial crisis. Optional Practical Training (OPT) is offered to students for 12 months after completing an MS degree. An extension of 24 months is given to students who complete their MS degree in STEM program, thus extending upto 36 months. This is an add - on for scholars who complete their degree in USA.

There are a growing number of IT firms and organizations in the States that allow the student to take hands on training jobs and excel in their field of study. USA offers opportunities that are blend of high academics and career opportunities. The excellent internship and work opportunities after education are also one of the most important criteria for USA being the most popular study abroad destination.

Eligibility Criteria

For an excellent education and exposure to enrich a professional career admission to universities depends on many factors like good academic and test scores on the required standardised tests. Other factors include the financial capability of the student and the relevance or the reason for pursuit of a particular field of study which could be justified in their Statement of Purpose. For instance to pursue an MS in US especially in good universities the students should have good GPA in their Bachelor Degree and good test scores on the standardised tests like GRE and TOEFL / IELTS.

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