Your information is absolutely secure and only your Advisor has access to it if you have availed the service.
We have all necessary setup ready, which is required to take care of the portal, data and the documents.
whizstorm.com is an online Admission-Application Service provider. Although, We do not have any one-on-one meeting sessions, you can have Skype sessions with your Advisor if you have taken this specific service.
Your information is absolutely secure and only your Advisor has access to it if you have availed the service. Also documents are uploaded on University Application protals for the programs you may have applied through whizstorm.com.
We can assign you an Advisor who would support you through the processes. You can always speak to them for any concerns or queries you have.
We regularly update the information shared on our website regarding the programs. You can check the Last Update Date on each program page. Alongside we provide you with the link to the actual University Program Page as well.
We regularly update this information. Please contact us with the University Name and Program name so we can assist you better on info@whizstorm.com.
whizstorm.com lets you search programs and universities as per your choice. It gives you access to a free Dashboard, Document Managing System and an automated Resume Builder. We can help you make Application and track your Admissions Abroad process.
No. We suggest Universities upon understanding your profile. The Applications are not processed until you decide to click Apply.
Yes. Your Enrollment Form helps you build your Resume. It also provides information to fill University Applications. Hence it is necessary to fill the details correctly and completely.
Yes, do not need to visit office for anything all things will be done online.
Passport Copy, Test scores, Letter of Recommendation, Diploma Transcripts, Diploma Mark Sheets, Bachelors Transcripts, Mark Sheets, Statement of Purpose.
No. whizstorm.com auto-creates your resume as per the information on your Enrollment Form. We advise you to fill that information completely and perfectly for the same reason.
Yes you can apply to more than 10 Universitites but you need to pay extra INR 500/- for each Application.
Yes you can further edit the information and try various template and layout options as well.
The Universities are suggested understanding the profile of individual students and the requirments of the program. There is no standard rule to follow.