Many dream to pursue higher education from globally renowned universities and institutes but cannot decide on the country, university and programs. Considering the other factors and the finance involved in studying abroad it is important that you enroll for a program that suits your career profile, your future professional aspirations and also your personal goals.

Following are the highly ranked study abroad destinations which are suitable to international students from all aspects: Identifying country, universities and the course of 

1. USA (Nursing, MS, PhD, IT, MBA programs) 

2. Canada(MBA, Medicine, MS programs)

3. Germany (Doctorate, PhD, MS programs)

4. UK (MS, MBA programs) 

5. Australia (Nursing, MBA, MS programs)

6. New-Zealand (MBA, Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management programs)

7. Switzerland (world’s finest Hotel and Hospitality, Travel and Tourism management programs).

8. Netherlands (MBA, MS programs)

9. France (MS-Arts, MBA, Fashion Technology courses, vocational courses, MS, Medicine programs, Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management programs)

10. Sweden 

11. Japan (MBA, MS programs)

12.  Russia (Medicine programs)

13. Italy (MS-Arts, MBA programs, Fashion related programs, vocational courses) 

Our experts can guide you about which colleges, universities and programs from all over the world.

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