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I want to study abroad but I do not have enough money. What can I do?

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For students with financial issues, following are few tips to help you to plan your finances:

#1. Always find out if scholarships are available to students by the universities you have shortlisted

#2. Find out the extent of education loans that are available and can be borrowed for that particular program / course

#3. Get thorough information about the loan you are going to borrow, compare the interest rates and the span of repay that it offers.

# 4. Plan your personal and professional finances for the next 5 years accordingly

# 5. Evaluate job prospects, ROI, starting packages after completion of the programs, because repaying the education loan is the most important responsibility after you start working

# 6. Talk to your parents if they are going to sponsor your education without a loan

# 7. At all times keep organised and handy all the financial documents and verification to submit to the concerned authorities if required

# 8. Also, before taking admission find out if the universities and the country you are going to allow students to work, if assistant-ships or intern-ships are available.

# 9. It is highly advisable to work while you study so as to recover daily living expenses and reduce the loan burden.

Our experts can guide you to design a perfect financial plan. 

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Can I study abroad on low budget?

There are low cost universities and some helpful options include scholarships, grants and loans. Its better to speak to study abroad expert to evaluate your budget and course you are looking for. At Whizstorm, you can book a consultation with study abroad expert for free. 

I am looking for education loan options 

At Whizstorm, we do provide assistance with education loan. You can book an online counseling to speak to an expert. 


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