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What is good to do MBA or MS from abroad?


What is good to do MBA or MS from abroad?

This question is quite common and asked by students planning to study abroad after a Bachelor’s degree in a discipline which has specialisations offered my international universities.

If a student is looking for an MBA immediately after graduation then it will not be a good idea as all prestigious B-schools across the world require the potential candidates to have some work experience.

After getting an MBA degree most individuals will directly get promoted to managerial level jobs. Hence, the work experience, in addition to the degree makes them perfectly suitable to take up senior management level jobs. Also, the crucial work experience, allows them to self fund their MBA education.

An MBA degree offers a broader view of business management. A Bachelor’s of Science student can shift fields and get job opportunities in multiple business disciplines, making it a better choice for students from diverse backgrounds aspire to work in the field of entrepreneurship, general management, executive leadership.

Work experience isn’t necessary for pursuing MS. So one can immediately apply to the program after graduating. Few students chose to work for one or two years before continuing with higher studies. The reasons being primarily financial they get to save and pay for their Master’s degree.

Master’s degree offers a single speciality, such as Medicine, IT, Computer Science, all other fields of engineering, and sciences. It helps you become a deep expert in one functional area, which is suitable for professionals who are clear about their career path. However, if you’re not very sure about your career goals, an MBA will expose you to theory and practical instruction in diverse corporate areas offering you the flexibility to easily shift departments and fields later in your career.

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