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By Whizstorm 2018-07-06

What are the eligibility criteria or requirements to pursue your Masters or graduate study abroad?

The eligibility criteria or pre-requisites to study abroad vary according to the country, university, and program you are planning to apply to.

It is all the more important to get information about these requirements well in advance as that will help you decide your intended intake and semester. 

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Following are the most important eligibility criteria or pre requisites to be considered for your overseas education for Masters or MS course:

1)    Years of Education: For Masters Abroad most of the universities require a candidate to have a Bachelor’s degree in order to get admission into a Master’s program. Some universities may require 12+4 years of education while some may accept 12+3 years of education. 


2)  Academic Requisites: A Bachelor or undergraduate of Science may apply for a Graduate or Masters program in any discipline but an undergraduate or Bachelor in Arts or Commerce may not be able to apply to science or technology courses for graduate program. It is imperative to check the course requirements to ensure that you are eligible to apply for the program based on your previous qualifications.


3)   Test Scores: Language Proficiency tests are mostly mandatory. Students who are non-native English speakers applying to graduate and undergraduate programs to natively English speaking countries have to take English Proficiency test like TOEFL, IELTS or a PTE.

Some programs also require students to take a GRE or GMAT which are standardised tests that enable the admission committee to assess the students reasoning and analytical abilities which may be essential to study and contribute to the graduate program you are applying to.

The mandatory test’s scores also differ as per the eligibility requirement of every university and program. A particular university may require a certain score for the Master’s program in a specific discipline but will not make it mandatory for a different discipline. We suggest, you to collect detailed information on these elements before making applications to the universities.


4)  Budget: Studying abroad can be quite an expensive endeavour. Hence it’s advisable that every aspect especially the finances are well planned for. Every student should check the tuition fees of the course they are applying to in addition to the living expenses so that they can plan according to their financial budget.


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