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Get Started with your SOP

Student Dashboard

  • Once you buy the service, you will be able to access the student dashboard.
  • You will need to fill your personal, academic, test, career goals. These extracurricular and achievement sections will equip the documentation expert with information that gives your profile an overall idea.
  • Access 'My Documents', a facility on your dashboard that allows you to save and share drafts and documents.
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Drafting your SOP

  • As soon as you fill-up the enrollment portal, we will send you the SOP/ LOR guidelines and the format of SOP/ LOR. Please send us the documents in the required format only.
  • If the inputs are insufficient, the document expert will also coordinate and communicate to bring out the information and ideas to better the SOP.
  • Strive not to showcase your profile like a resume but make it an ideal fit for the course.
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SOP Editing/ Reviewing/ Finalisation

  • If the inputs are satisfactory and sufficient, the document expert will organize and edit your SOP to maintain coherence, develop your inputs or ideas to relate them to the objectives, and proofread and finalize it.
  • Once we get the final draft of your general SOP, our documents specialists will review it. We will ask you to add more inputs or remove irrelevant content from your draft and give you suggestions/ feedback.
  • You can then make the necessary changes/ additions and intimate us
  • The documents team will then finalize your general SOP.
  • You are expected to modify the general SOP as per the SOP requirements stated by the shortlisted universities you are applying to.
  • We will provide any verbal guidance required while modifying the university-specific SOPs to students.
  • Our documents experts will only review (not edit) the multiple university-specific SOPs that you modify. Necessary feedback will be given to students if required.
  • It might take us up to 10 days to finalize your documents (SOP/ LOR) after submitting your final draft.
  • Editing includes grammar corrections and sentence structuring. Editing is limited to 2 revisions only.
  • We do not add anything to your documents, but we improve your documents wherever there is a scope for improvement.
  • To maintain the originality of the documents, we don’t fully reconstruct your LOR/ Essay/ SOP/ LOI/ Research Proposal.
  • If you apply to different courses, we will edit one general SOP pertaining to one of the courses; all other SOP drafts including drafts for all other courses will only be reviewed with necessary feedback.
  • We almost always deliver an attractive and professional SOP in a single attempt. However, if you think the final document requires changes, we can consider one more round of edits.
  • If we find that your suggestions would improve the document's quality, the same will be incorporated. We ensure that your SOP fits the university requirements.
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Want a Statement of Purpose that highlights your purpose, boosts your profile and ensures a successful admission?


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Want to know what a Statement of Purpose is and why is it required?

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Confused how to write the SOP? Read our Expert Advice and TIPS on writing your Statement of Purpose

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