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Letter of Recommendation

What is a Letter of Recommendation and why is it required

The LOR which stands for Letter of Recommendation is an important part of your application that can influence the admission decision of the admission committee as it allows them to review your capabilities and candidature for the course applied from the recommender’s point of view. Usually you are expected to provide at least 3 LOR’s for courses applied to study abroad for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD or MBA Program.

Every LOR should mention the recommender’s nature of association with the student for an instance if the recommender is a professor then it is advisable to mention the subject taught, the years of association and then it should elaborate on all the opportunities that the professor had to evaluate the student’s capabilities. It makes a better impact on the admission officers if every positive trait mentioned is backed up by some evidence or situation where in the recommender was able to assess or deduce the talent or capability of the student. Selecting the right recommender is very important as it decides what possible recommendations can be made. Hence selecting recommenders that know the student in varied capacities always gives varied reviews on different strengths of the student thus throwing light on the overall personality of the student consequently improving the students prospect for admission.

How to select a Recommender?

A letter of recommendation should provide the admission officers an insight into the applicant’s capabilities, academic strengths, extra-curricular activities and personality on whole. It thus becomes imperative to choose a recommender who has had enough opportunity to assess the student’s abilities in the scope of their association. It is not always necessary to assume that a letter from a person of very high authority or designation like the Chairman or Principal will carry greater value, rather a good recommendation letter should be from someone who has observed/worked/mentored you for a substantial duration and should be able to remark on your ability from close or direct association like your professor, project guide or immediate manager/ team lead.

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