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How to Apply for MS Abroad?

Here are some tips and a glance of the procedure to follow while applying for a Master’s program abroad:

  1. Identifying the right country, university/ college, program that is ranked best for the specialization subject you are looking for
  2. Evaluating financial factors (Scholarships/loans)
  3. Selection of the right semester (fall / spring) for in-take
  4. Prerequisites for admission (credits, work experience, required scores for GRE / TOEFL / IELTS / SAT, etc.)
  5. Applying to the selected universities
  6. Starting the admission procedure after receiving admit
  7.  Start accommodation hunting and try to contact students going to same course from your country
  8. Attending the visa interview, taking Bio-metrics

This is a universal procedure adopted through out the world, although it depends on the country to which are planning to study in, the country from which you are applying, the university, program and many other factors. To have a hassle-free process our experts can guide you through.

To book a free counseling session please contact us. 

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