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Take the most important step to move closer to your goal of studying abroad with the best teacher assisted IELTS preparation course you can take online to achieve a good IELTS score from the comfort of your home.

Whizstorm’s online IELTS training course has been designed to meet the needs of students from all over the world who aspire to study abroad. You can now interact and learn from our award winning faculties who are committed to the aim of providing the best tutelage possible to you to improve your use of the English Language. As we know that once you improve your all four language skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking then a good IELTS score will automatically follow.

Our trainers have thoroughly worked on the course schedule and structure so as to systematically introduce you to the format, sections, skills and question types to finally prepare you perform your best with a strong insight and sound knowledge of the format. While making optimum use of web technology , our intensive practise and comprehensive content for IELTS Preparation enhances your skills while also boosting your confidence to use English in the best possible way to enhance your academic performance too.

What sets us apart from other IELTS courses available online

  • Exclusive course content to help build or strengthen your foundation of English language Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Unlike other courses our online training does not only expect the students to only watch pre-recorded videos and self-learn using our course structure. Every IELTS lecture / class with Whizstorm is teacher assisted wherein the students are taken through the course content by our expert trainers with whom the students can interact and resolve their queries if any.

  • During all the classes of Grammar and all 4 skills of reading, writing , listening and speaking we encourage the students to actively participate in the interactive course format so that the trainer can also assess your skills and provide you with inputs and remarks that help you improve drastically.

  • 30 hours of training spaced out in 4 weeks to ensure sufficient practise and easy learning curve.

  • Thoroughly researched course content and ample practise with individual evaluation which can help students to work and overcome their individual weaknesses and further enhance their strengths.

An astounding offer of Dedicated Application and Admission Assistance with IELTS Training

to successfully implement your plan of studying abroad.

In addition to IELTS Test Preparation we provide you with complimentary Application and Admission Assistance to 5 of our most recommended Universities from UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and Canadian Colleges.

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