The newly re-introduced two year post study work visa permit for international students studying in UK opens the doors to excellent academic and professional opportunities.


  • Study at worlds most reputed and renowned universities ranked among the world’s top.
  • Degrees from UK are well recognized as Global Degrees that qualify you to work anywhere in the world.
  • Graduate and undergraduate courses are shorter than that in other countries hence the fees and living cost is lesser than other countries.
  • ‘World-leading’ research carried out at most of the universities with a Research Excellence framework ensuring the quality of research across various fields.
  • Easy Application Process. NO IELTS if you have minimum 60% marks in the 12th Grade.

*Our exclusive STUDY IN UK package assists you in following ways:

  • Course Selection, Application, Documentation (Statement of Purpose, Letter of recommendation, Essays), Admissions, VISA and Pre-Departure Advice.
  • Dedicated Advisor to assist you at every step of the process to streamline and complete the application and admission process in time.

Want to study in United Kingdom? Know some Fast Facts about United Kingdom as one of the best study abroad destination.

  • UK has a long and glorious history of being a centre of international education providing excellent quality of education since hundreds of years. It is home to some of the worlds best and top ranked universities that offer world class education in various study areas.
  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain is a sovereign country in Northern Europe. UK is a constitutional monarchy made up of four countries viz. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • It is located north-west off the coast of mainland Europe and surrounded by the North Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. The British Isles are a group of islands in the Northern Atlantic that consist of Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Hebrides and over six thousand smaller Isles.
  • 66 million people belonging to a variety of metropolitan cultures live in the UK. It is endowed with astonishing scenery and landscapes, cultural diversity, and rich history. It is the 6th largest tourist destination with over 40 million people visiting every year.
  • Summers are pleasant with average high temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius and night temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius. Winters in London are cold with mild snow.
  • It always had a remarkable place on the map of world history. The country makes significant contributions on a global scale in terms of its culture, language, literature, music, theater and films.
  • The United Kingdom has a highly developed and market-oriented economy. It is the fifth-largest national economy in the world with a GDP growth rate of 2.0% P.A.
  • London has always been a centre for academic excellence. 70 Nobel Prize laureates studied and worked at London universities. UK is famous for its world-class research and Arts institutes. There are over 45 top multi-faculty universities. Degrees and qualifications from the UK based universities and colleges are recognized by employers and academics worldwide. Official organizations regularly assess and grade the standard of teaching and research at universities and colleges to ensure that set benchmarks are met.
  • UK has maintained its popular destination position among international students owing to its tradition of providing quality education. It has vast scope and opportunities for students interested in pursuing higher education in Corporate, Business and Administrative studies.

UK Education System

  • UK’s education system is unique as it allows applicants to incorporate subjects from different fields. In a way, it gives students the liberty to build their degree and gain expertise in the field of their choice
  • It usually takes 3 years to complete an undergraduate course in the UK, while in Scotland, it requires 4 years to finish the same. Number of universities offer 4-year undergraduate courses known as “sandwich courses” which allows you to work for one year, usually in the third year
  • British universities also offer fast-track programs where you can obtain a Master’s degree at the undergraduate level
  • Other undergraduate courses include Foundation degrees, SVQ, NVQ, Higher National Diploma HND (or equivalent), NHC (or equivalent) and others
  • Although, British government has established the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) to maintain standards and set benchmarks, most of the syllabus is set by universities
  • Office for Fair Access (OFFA) in the British school system, has a big role in the admission procedures of universities and colleges thereby promoting fair access to higher education including international students
  • UK’s education system (excluding private institutions viz. BPP University College and University of Buckingham) is state-financed. The British school system comprises of the Russell Group, a network of 24 British public research universities, including some of the most prestigious universities in the country
  • Top Universities include University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Birmingham, Durham University, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, University of Dundee, and many more

Top Universities in UK


( Bachelor's )
( Master's )
SOP *Variable
Essay *Variable
Recommendation Letters
GRE / GMAT *Variable
Portfolio *Variable *Variable
Work Experience Documents *Variable
Transcript Evaluation

*Variable- This requirement varies according to the program and university


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