Sponsored Content Policy

Last modified: Sept 02, 2023

Whizstorm Sponsored Content Policy

Thank you for considering a contribution to the Whizstorm Blog. Whizstorm is an International Education Company headquartered in the USA, committed to aiding students in navigating their global educational paths. This Sponsored Content Policy is aimed at Freelance Writers, Social Media Experts, Enterprises, Independent Authors, SEO Professionals, and others looking to contribute. We aim to provide trustworthy, precise, and meaningful content to students aspiring to study in international educational institutions.

A) General Guidelines

  • Content: All submissions must be original, thoroughly researched, and exclusive to Whizstorm.
  • Length: The preferred article length is between 800-1,500 words.
  • Tone: The article should have an educational and informative tone, congruent with Whizstorm's brand identity.
  • Links: Up to two 'do-follow' external links are allowed per article, given that they are pertinent and non-commercial.
  • Topics We Cover: Study Abroad Experiences, Application Strategies, Career Advice, Academic Excellence, Immigration Rules, Financial Planning, Cultural Understanding, Any related topics

B) Acceptable and Unacceptable Content

What We Allow

  • External Links: A maximum of two 'do-follow' links.
  • Images and Media: Must be free of copyright and contextually appropriate.
  • Quotes and Data: Proper citations and links are required.
  • Author Bio: Concise, with one external link to your portfolio, blog, or social media.

What We Don’t Allow

  • Duplicate Content: Articles must be original.
  • Promotional Content: No marketing-oriented articles.
  • Offensive Material: Discriminatory language and divisive topics are prohibited.
  • Misinformation: All facts must be backed by credible sources.
  • Low-Quality Submissions: Poorly written or inadequately researched pieces.
  • Paid or Affiliate Links: Not permitted unless explicitly authorized.

C) Submission Process

  • Proposal: Email a topic proposal and concise outline to info@whizstorm.com.
  • Review: A response will be provided within 7 business days.
  • Draft: If approved, write the article.
  • Submission: Email the draft in Google Doc or Word format to info@whizstorm.com.
  • Feedback: Expect a review within 10 business days.
  • Publication: Articles meeting approval will be scheduled for release.

D) Author Credit Guidelines

  • Author Bio: Included at the end with a brief bio, one external link, and an optional photograph.
  • Byline: Displayed at the start of the article.
  • Social Media: Author acknowledgment during article promotion on Whizstorm social media.
  • Ongoing Credits: Even if articles are updated, original authorship will be credited.

E) Pricing

For pricing details, please contact our Social Media Manager at info@whizstorm.com.

F) AI-Generated Content Policy

Due to our focus on authentic, human-centric perspectives, particularly in the educational realm, we do not accept AI-generated content for the following reasons:

  • Lack of Personal Insight: AI cannot offer individual experiences or insights.
  • Quality Control: AI falls short in understanding nuanced topics and specific audiences.
  • Ethical Implications: There's a risk of misleading information and factual inaccuracies.
  • Originality: AI may inadvertently replicate existing web content.

G) Anti-Plagiarism Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Any plagiarized submissions will not be published, and the contributor may face a permanent ban.

H) Disclaimer

Whizstorm reserves the right to refuse submissions that do not comply with our guidelines. We may also edit submissions to suit our style guide.

Copyright Disclaimer

By submitting, you grant Whizstorm a perpetual, non-exclusive license to the content, which includes distribution, reproduction, and public display. Any copyright infringement will result in content removal.

For any issues related to copyright or content removal, please refer to our DMCA policy.