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Want to study in Canada? Know some Fast Facts about Canada as one of the best study abroad destination.
  • Canada is the second largest country in the world stretching from Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Endowed by beauty and natural resources, Canada has a relatively small population.
  • As a study destination Canada is amongst the leading nations and is gaining popularity as it is safe and friendly country offering good quality education that is recognised world over.
  • As it is huge geographically it has varied climatic conditions being extremely cold in the north and having moderately cold winters and warm summers in the southern parts.
  • A truly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country that speaks various languages like English, French, Chinese, Punjabi and Spanish.
  • Known for its diversity as it is home to immigrants, it’s a friendly country that welcomes students and professionals to study and work in the country offering huge opportunities.
  • Canada has a flourishing economy which is diversified and growing steadily due to increase in the educated workforce and it is also a member of the G7/8 and OECD.
  • Its Capital City is Ottawa. The Currency is Canadian Dollar
  • The educational expenses in Canada are reasonable compared to other leading study abroad destinations. Considering the Tuition and Living expenses the international students can expect an expense of $16,000–$30,000 (CDN) per year
  • The international students should consider applying early to colleges and universities in Canada as it can become quite competitive.

Canada Education System

  • Canada leads the world in the number of highest population with post secondary education. This fact emphasizes the significance of education in Canada and vast reach of post secondary education institutes throughout the country
  • Many of Canada’s educational institutes are included in the top renowned educational institutes of the world. The education system offers varied degrees and study areas thus providing the flexibility of education at a reasonable cost if compared to other leading study destinations
  • The majority Educational Institutes in Canada come under its various provinces and territories and hence are public institutions. In addition to this there are independent private boarding schools to prepare younger students with quality education for the universities and colleges
  • The Canadian Universities offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees wherein the Bachelor’s degree usually spans for 3 to 4 years and a Master’s degree for two years providing excellent education in range of study areas like Business, Technology, Natural Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Hospitality and many more
  • The Canadia Colleges are also very popular for their practical approach towards training. These institutes provide high standard of training that combines theory as well as practical training thus developing skills that are relevant and hence attracting excellent employment opportunities. Also these institutes are relatively less expensive than universities and offer an opportunity to earn a diploma, certificate and postgraduate degree in lesser duration as compared to the Universities and also with a focussed career-oriented approach

Universities in Canada


( Bachelor's )
( Master's )
Recommendation Letters
Portfolio *Variable *Variable
Work Experience Documents *Variable
Transcript Evaluation *Variable *Variable

*Variable- This requirement varies according to the program and university


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