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Traditionally for years, an overseas degree on your curriculum vitae has always created a good impression. Studying abroad is one of the most important and life-changing decisions you will ever make, as many future plans will depend on it. It not only supports your strengths but is also the most transforming experience which will give you an edge as you enter the job market.

Education in a different country will benefit you in ways beyond your expectations and imagination. In modern times, high quality education is available in most developed countries, yet, studying abroad will give you international exposure, open your mind and develop a non-judgemental individualistic approach towards the world.

Following are few reasons for you to study abroad:

1. It upgrades your career graph

As employers are impressed by an overseas qualification, it changes their perspective while approaching you. With a foreign degree on your CV you are likely to start jobs in some of the world’s biggest corporations and organisation along with handsome salary packages.

2. Education abroad brings out the best in you

The most important reason to study abroad is that the top rated countries and highly ranked universities not only impart the finest quality of education but also brings out the best calibre of a student thereby making him aware of his potential and interests.

3. Variety of programs, subjects and specialisations

Top rated countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and many more give thousands of specialisation options to foreign students which is not the case in other countries. Students can choose from a variety of subjects and electives. Recently, many universities allow students to design their own programs. The education pattern is very interactive and makes you well versed with theory as well as its practical applicability and real world implementation. This flexibility and versatility is not available to foreign students from developing countries.

4. Work while you study

Countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and many other allow students to work while studying. Even foreign students can work part-time as interns, research assistants, assistant tutors/ professors, etc while they complete the program. The option to work gives you practical experience as well as pay for your daily living expenses and socialise.

5. Travel while you study

If you study in beautiful European or North American countries like France, Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Canada or even New-Zealand / Australia, etc. you are more likely to fall in love with their natural beauty, climate and architecture. If you are lucky to earn and save while you study you can always travel and explore the place as a tourist as well.

6. Settle in a new country

90% of international students go abroad because at some point after completing the degree they look forward to working in the same country and settling there in the future. Studying abroad is the best option if you want to have a permanent residence visa for the foreign country. Many people end up residing in the same place where they start as students at first, eventually find a job and have a family. If you find work immediately after

the completion of your program you will get to save, travel, enjoy lots of freedom and become an independent & self-sufficient individual.

7. Be a part of global circles

You will make life-long friendships and global connections here because students come from different countries and are away from their respective families. There is always a huge gap between the lifestyle in their home country and the study abroad destination. As you know friends are the biggest saviours, it is in your best interest to have a friendly approach towards local and foreign students, socialise regularly and maintaining affable relationships with classmates, room partners, colleagues and all others whom you get introduced to.

8. Get to know international travel regulations & learn languages

You get to understand international travel formalities and etiquette followed by different nations. As you will meet people from different countries you can also learn the basics of many languages which will be beneficial to you in many aspects all through your life.

9. Participate in cultural exchange

Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to be a part of different communities and participate in international cultural programs, arts related events, and sports events or allow you to simply attend social events. When you meet and stay with communities having diverse cultural backgrounds you get acquainted with new customs, cuisines and traditions. You will get to witness behavioural patterns of a variety of ethnic groups, their values, how people all over the world think and react to different situations, how it differs from the perspective in your own country. These experiences will change you positively contribute to your holistic development and make you more accommodative, thoughtful and smart.

10. Love your home more

Last but not least staying far away from home will surely make you miss, appreciate and value your own country, family and friends. You will learn to give your best at all times while you are studying in a foreign country, as you will represent your nation on a global platform, where your conduct and attitude will be constantly linked and associated with your home country’s demeanour.

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