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Statement of Purpose

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.”

- Henry Mintzberg

Obtaining the qualification as an Industrial Engineer combined with my experience in the last few years has made me a management enthusiast. The relationship between management tasks and engineering plans is inextricable and any business today works best when the principals of both these disciplines are implemented by the respective professionals. After working on industrial projects I believe that a fusion degree in engineering and management will enable me to use my entrepreneurial skills and technical knowledge at once. I am certain that a master’s program from your university is the right fit for me. It will suffice in fulfilling my aspirations to spearhead extensive engineering projects.

After completing high school with exceptional grades in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, Engineering became my first choice for undergraduate education. In a few days, I got admitted to NITIE- National Institute of Industrial Engineering. When I first started attending college for this program, I instantly liked the subjects and decided to give my best to the course. I realized that I had made the right choice. 4 years of Industrial engineering focused on the industrial systems and their complexities in a highly technical environment. I worked on many projects during my undergraduate course but I would specifically like to mention my final year project titled, ‘Computerization of Production Planning and Control’. While working on this project, I learned many basics about the logistics problems faced in the planning, execution, and control of any product’s manufacturing process. The products I dealt with was a food-processor. I was able to devise a mechanism and program it in a way that it resolved such issues and achieved a high production rate with better quality, in lesser time. My project then got selected for the national engineering projects competition called ‘Creation 2016’. It makes me happy to mention that I won the third prize in this competition