Write about your most embarrassing moment and how you learned from it.

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Question: Write about your most embarrassing moment and how you learned from it.

Being a conformist, having a common man personality, my life is fairly basic and uninteresting, to state lightly. However, there have been a fair amount of embarrassing moments which I have endured. There has been one incident in particular, which I can define as my most embarrassing moment to date, and that made an impression on me and I learned some valuable lessons from it.

It was a couple of years back that I was interning as a summer management student in a luxury hotel downtown. It was a busy weekend lunch session, and I was extremely nervous, not having dealt with the massive guest flow ever in my life. The shift manager in charge, hastily allocated me a section of tables to attend to, seeing the staff shortage and large business volume, overestimating my capability to handle this situation. I reluctantly accepted the same and told myself to try and maintain control of my allotted section.

After taking the order of a large corporate group of 6 persons, I went about doing the place setting for them in the perfect manner. When I was called to pick up the order from the main kitchen, I was stupefied to see that there were so many dishes which I would need to pick up in a single tray. Still, I took it upon myself to arrange the tray in a meticulous fashion, and after that was done, picked up the weighty salver and made my way through the restaurant brimming with confidence.

All of that confidence came crashing down, the moment I was about to reach the destination table. I overlooked the fact that there was a step down in the flooring just before the table placement, which I missed, and slipped right in front of the group, dropping each and every dish on the floor. The sound of the dishes hitting the floor and the crockery shattering echoed through the dining room, and all eyes stared at me with expressions of anger and disdain.

I didn’t know where to look or what to do, so I impulsively walked away quickly back to the kitchen and cowered in a corner, holding back my tears and almost choking in emotional upheaval. Just then a seasoned and veteran server came to me, placed his hand on my shoulder, and made a simple statement to me – “Never walk away from your problems, learn to face them. It’s not that we all are perfect, everyone has gone through his own challenges, but we have picked up the pieces and learned to move on. Just stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a move on, now!”

This insightful statement just turned me around, and I did a complete service recovery, tidied up the mess created by me, served the group again properly, who were extremely supportive of my situation, and everything worked out well in the end.

Those words still echo in my mind, and I have learned from the essence of the conversation that the same applies to us in our lives for most situations.

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