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Studying Multimedia Animation Abroad

Multimedia artists and animators usually have a bachelor's degree in fine arts, computer graphics, computer science, or a related field.

Students after completing programs in Animation and Multimedia may work in a number of positions such as:

1. Production Artist

2. Graphic Artist

3. Texturing Artist

4. Multimedia Designer

5. Production Specialist

6. Multimedia Graphic Designer

7. 3D Modeler

8. Special Effects Animator

9. Video Game Designer

10. Background Painter

11. Forensic Animator

12. Visual Development Artist

13. Stop Motion Animator

14. Compositing Artist

15. Storyboard Artist

Animation related jobs usually include:

• Working with a team of movie makers, animators, designers to create a game, movie, advertisement, visual effect, and many other elements.

• Creating realistic and appealing animations

• Developing attractive storyboards and captivating visuals.

• Expertise in working on animation software to create effects, graphics, and animation

• Video, movie and animation editing on the basis of requirements and demands from, animators, game designers, directors, graphic designers, or clients

What is the role of an animation artist or graphic designer?

The role of Multimedia artists and animators often fits in a portion of a movie-making process. Creating 3D characters by using CGI (known as Computer generated images) from an actor's movements. Other animators specialise in changing and editing backgrounds for different scenes. Many production companies have their own computer animation software that artists must work on with expertise. Video game designers also work on mobile gaming and online social networks. Some profound artists still use the traditional methods of drawing by hands and then creating graphics and multimedia from it.

So as we see, a variety of skills are required for anyone aspiring to make a career in Animation and visual effects. An important question asked by many students is whether they need to be good at drawing and painting? The answer would be ‘No’ as the traditional way of making cartoon films has been long transformed into an industry that completely operates on software and editing tools. It would be an advantage if one is good at arts like drawing but it is certainly not a pre-requisite to be a good animator.

Few skills required to prosper into this field are:

  • · Outstanding level of creative imagination and innovative thinking
  • · Extremely good visualising skills
  • · High artistic aptitude
  • · Analytical approach
  • · Expertise with technical skills
  • · Teamwork
  • · Patience and dedication to work for long hours

Animation and multimedia is a highly creative and skilled job. Many work with big production houses, advertisement agencies, gaming companies or in the film industry after completing education and gaining some practical industry experience. Hence, one should expect highly competitive salaries. Some also end up achieving film awards and nominations which is a highly motivating factor.

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