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How to study PhD in USA
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By Whizstorm 2020-07-09

Study PhD in USA 

1. Why study Ph.D. in the USA?

As of 2020, the scientific research and development industry in the USA stands at $170.8bn according to a survey by IBISWorld. The USA has always been the first option for scholars across the globe to pursue a Ph.D. due to the top-notch standard of education and importance given to research and development. Higher education in the USA is highly research-oriented and faculties encourage learning strategies that help students nurture their interests and channelize their inclination towards innovation. American universities offer the world’s best doctoral programs that allow students to choose even the rarest specializations. The superior infrastructure and continuous support from the university departments ensure conducive conditions for Ph.D. students.

The USA has been producing some of the best scientists and researchers in the world for many years and its reputation in the global market inspires anyone who wants to dive deep into academics. University research is typically funded by organizations and companies that have collaborated with the specific departments to work on active research projects. An opportunity to work on an international platform promises an intellectually stimulating environment. Unlike in Europe where students decide the Ph.D. subject before they apply, in the USA, students spend 1 or 2 years to finalize the subject while taking graduate studies.


2. Eligibility:

? Age limit: No age limit. The average age for Ph.D. completion is 31 years in the USA

? Qualification: 4 years of bachelor’s degree or 3 years of bachelor’s degree with 1 to 2 years of graduate studies. (16 years of minimum education)

? Work Experience: Usually not mandatory, but really impresses the universities. There are a few colleges that do expect students to have work experience of at least 2-3 years

? Admission tests: A good GRE score (GMAT for Business schools). Very few programs accept applications without GRE/GMAT scores

3. Duration of Ph.D. in the USA:

It depends on the subject and programs you study. Most Ph.D. courses can be completed in 5 to 6 years, but there are a few that take 8-10 years to complete.

4. Funding for a Ph.D. program in the USA:

Ph.D. in any reputed university in the USA is typically funded. Some Ph.D. courses which are not research Ph.D. courses might not be funded at times. You can apply for several scholarships available for Ph.D. students. Almost all students receive stipends and grants from the universities to cover their living expenses while pursuing a Ph.D. Apart from this, you can opt for post-graduate loans, crowd-funding, part-time work, assistantships that will aid your education.




5. Prospects of studying Ph.D. program in the USA:

Extremely good! The USA is known to be the land of opportunities and scientific research lies at the core of the economy. The research market in the USA has never seen the curve bending. From Psychology to Environmental science and Technology to Medicine, thousands of doctorate degrees are offered in every field. Completing a Ph.D. program from the USA makes you a hundred times more likely to get a job role that you might be seeking for years. The eminent tech-labs, experimentation centers, and excellent research facilities have the potential to make a real difference. Working with revered researchers will help you gain a better understanding and build a professional network. The international exposure will prepare you to take up challenging projects and use your skills to the fullest. Intellectual satisfaction is of utmost importance in research jobs and completing a Ph.D. in the USA welcomes endless job opportunities for a rewarding career in your chosen profession.


6. Top Ph.D. courses in the USA:


? Ph.D. in Computer Science

? Ph.D. in Business and management

? Ph.D. in Cancer and Molecular Biology

? Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

? Ph.D. in Engineering

? Ph.D. in Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics

? Ph.D. in Education and many more fields


7. Visa:

Ph.D. students need to apply for an F1 student visa. H4 visa holders (dependents of H1-B) can also apply for a Ph.D. but they are not allowed to take up internships or OPT (Optional practical training).

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