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How to study PhD in New Zealand
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1. Why study Ph.D. in New Zealand?

New Zealand's universities offer unique postgraduate research opportunities you won't find anywhere else. With its Friendly atmosphere, encouragement & ambition to targets International student numbers, spectacular scenery, opportunities for hiking and biking to skiing and surfing, etc makes it a special place.

Below are a few reasons to consider a Ph.D. in New Zealand:

  • Unique research opportunities -. Some of the most renowned pioneering science parks, financial centers, and engineering hubs are present in New Zealand.
  • Highly ranked education system - There are only 8 universities but every university is included in the QS-2020 rankings and Times Higher Education league tables of the best universities.
  • No international fee rate - You won't pay any extra to study a Ph.D. abroad in New Zealand, unlike many popular postgraduate destinations.
  • Safe and welcoming - The country is also the world's 2nd most peaceful country (after Iceland).
  • Stunning surroundings - People across the globe visit New Zealand.



2. Duration of Ph.D. in New Zealand :

It depends on the subject and programs you study. Most Ph.D. courses can be completed in 3 to 4 Years in full-time course years, part-time courses are available. Usually, students do not prefer it due to visa restriction to 4 Years. You will spend most of your time as a Ph.D. student in New Zealand working on research for your

project. Depending on the process at your university, a degree is awarded based on the quality of the thesis/project/dissertation you submit at the end of the semester/year. There will be an oral examination/ viva voce' - process, similar to that used in other countries.

3. Funding for a Ph.D. program in New Zealand :

Most of New Zealand universities will offer PhDs with funding already attached to it. A few universities also offer separate international scholarships for students who are paying for their own Ph.D. or need additional financial support. Funding can be checked on web pages of the Universities. Governments Schemes like “Research Scholarships (NZIDRS) scheme’

4. Prospects of studying Ph.D. program in New Zealand

PhDs in New Zealand are studied at specialized research centers. Although these are separate from universities, they award degrees in partnership with them. These Universities have a big scope for the students throughout the world due to their Research work.

In addition to its universities and research centers, there are many Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPS) in New Zealand. These are tertiary level (higher education), providers. They focus on vocational and professional education, including postgraduate Masters-level degrees, but don't normally carry out Ph.D. research.

These Concepts have Created Big Prospects for Students studying or doing a Ph.D. in New Zealand.

5. Top Ph.D. courses in New Zealand:

Top universities and colleges in New Zealand offer great Ph.D. courses and the language of instruction is English. Hence, before starting a program, one needs to possess basic knowledge of the English language.

There are about 48 Courses for Doing a Ph.D. in New Zealand.

Top PhD areas areas to study in New Zealand:

  • Engineering
  • English
  • Public Relation
  • Arts
  • Law
  • Geography
  • Health Sports, Human Performance
  • Phycology and Sociology.

Student Visa Criteria in New Zealand:

A college student visa in New Zealand can be applied online through Immigration New Zealand. Normally you need to submit evidence of the following with your application:

  • Confirmation of your Ph.D. enrolment.Confirmation Letter From University For Applying Student Visa
  • Financial evidence - Sufficient means to pay your fees and cover your living expenses whilst studying in New Zealand. It includes fee deposits, funding, or 3rd-party support or sponsorships. The New Zealand immigration service expects students to sponsor their own education and stay.
  • Good character - You must have no criminal convictions New Zealand Government may request confirmation of this from your current/previous country of residence.
  • Separate health insurance to study a Ph.D. in New Zealand.

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