Bachelor's Program At Florida International University

Bachelor's Program At Florida International University
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By Whizstorm 2021-02-02



  • Florida International University is a research-based public university known for offering quality education to its students. Founded in 1965, the university holds the record of largest opening enrollment in the history of the United States with 5667 students.  


  • The university offers a wide range of undergraduate programs in various schools and colleges of Arts, Science and Education, Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism and Management (Business), Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Engineering, Computing, Architecture, and Law.


  • The university’s Maidique campus, equipped with many research centers is a central location for students. Along with this, on-campus accommodation for the students is well-equipped with dining halls, parking, bookstore, and recreation center. The Engineering Center not so far away from the Modesto campus has many digitally advanced labs and research facilities. 


  • The university has produced more than 200000 alumni with 115000 living and working in South Florida. The university has tremendous ranking figures as it is at the 218th spot in the National University by US News and World Report ranking (2020). It is also ranked between #751 - #800 in the world by QS rankings (2020) and at #375 by US College Rankings (2020).



  • Bachelor degree programs offered at Florida International University  


- BA in Asian Studies

- BA in Economics

- BA in Geography

- BA in Communication Arts 

- BSc in Criminal Justice

- BSc in Geosciences

- BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

- BA in Portuguese

- BA in Psychology

- BA in Women and Gender’s Studies

- BA in Sociology

- BA in Political Science

- BA in International Relations

- BA in Liberal Studies

- BSc in Dietetics and Nutrition

- BSc in Hospital Management

- BSc in Recreation and Sport Management

- BSc in Social Work

- BBA in Real Estate

- BA in Earth Sciences

- BSc in Geosciences

- BSc in Environmental Engineering

- BA in Chemistry

- BSc in Biological Sciences

- BSc in Mathematics (Mathematics Education)

- BSc in Broadcast Media

- BSc in Journalism

- BSc in Computer Engineering

- BSc in Information Technology

- BSc in Biomedical Engineering

- BSc in Mechanical Engineering

- BSc in Construction Management

- BSc in Civil Engineering

- BSc in Electrical Engineering

- BBA in Management

- BBA in Marketing

- BBA Finance/Accounting/Human Resource Management

- BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

- BA in Spanish

& many such courses.



  • General requirements for admission


- Students can apply for undergraduate admissions from the Florida State University undergraduate application portal. 


- The applicant must have passed a high school degree from an accredited institution with academics involving 4 credits of English, 4 credits of Mathematics, 3 credits of Natural Science, 3 credits of Social Sciences, 2 credits of other academic electives. 


- Transcripts of high school or diploma and any other previous certificate courses.


- Proof of English language through test scores of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. SAT and ACT scores are also accepted here. 


- Recommendation letters (At least 1) and Statement of Purpose (SOPs)


- Resume mentioning academic details achievements and professional experience( if any)


- Proof of finances and residency.


- Some departments may also demand you for a portfolio, separate application, audition, or interview.


- Application fee $30



  • Tuition fees and other expenses


- The tuition fees for bachelor's degree programs at Florida International University are around $19000 for the 1st academic year. 


- Hostel and meals can cost up to $9200 while books and supplies can cost around $1400 for an academic year. 


- Transportation can cost up to $2200 and insurance costs can add up to $2700 to your budget.


- Other fees can go up to $400 along with personal expenses that can be around $2700. So, total expenses including tuition costs can cost you a budget of around $38000 for the 1st academic year.


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