Best Countries for Under-Graduate Studies

Which country according is best for an undergraduate studies?
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By Whizstorm 2020-01-31

Education plays a crucial role in predicting a nation's future success. This is because education plays a key role in social, economic and human development. Now-a-days it is common for students to choose foreign education for higher studies. Students often search about the quality of education, the best universities, the courses offered, job opportunities, accessibility, etc. Further, in this article, based on such factors we will discuss the best countries to study for Undergraduate studies.


· There were around 3.6 million graduates from US universities during the year 2018-19. From these more than 1 million were international students.

· One of the most popular reason to choose US for graduate studies is that it has top universities in the world which offers wide range of courses. Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), Stanford university, Harvard university are some top universities in the world in USA. Getting a degree from such universities or even from a reputed US university differs you from your peers studying in similar fields.

· US universities have diverse campuses which engages students coming from different backgrounds. US has made tremendous effort in creating the infrastructure in order to increase the education opportunities worldwide.

· Business or Computer science, Engineering or media, Political science or Psychology, you can study any subject that you can think of.

· USA offers more research programs than any other country in the world. Being the leader of many areas in technology and research, universities here offer great support for Ph.D programs.

· Your career growth is assured when it is in the hands of US professors. They majorly focus on innovative learning process and encourage students to give ideas to develop something new.

· The classrooms are modernized with the growing technology. Students get the benefits of web-based classes, technically reinforced labs, computer -based tests and various other resources that engages you with excitement.

· USA is known for its communicative and outgoing nature. The self awareness and

individuality attained by studying in US gives you an immense amount of confidence, motivation and you too become one of those self reliant and independent people.

Other countries which you can consider for under graduate studies are :-

· United Kingdom

· Canada

· Australia

· Germany

· Sweden

· Switzerland

· Denmark

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