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How to Get a Canadian Student Visa
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By Whizstorm 2020-04-16

How to Get a Canadian Student Visa?


A study permit in Canada lets foreign students study at a ‘designated learning institution’ (DLI) for the permitted duration. Students are expected to apply before they depart to Canada and carry all the necessary documents at all times. 


Canadian study permit if not a visa document. It does not allow any foreign student to enter Canada. It should be accompanied by a visitor visa or an ETA(Electronic Travel Authorization). If the study permit is approved the Canadian immigration authority will issue a visitor visa too. 


Students are issued a study permit usually for the full duration of their study course with an additional 90 days. These extra days are for students to prepare to leave Canada or apply for an extension of their permits. 



How long can you stay in Canada with a study permit?

A study permit is usually valid for the length of your study program, plus an extra 90 days. The 90 days let you prepare to leave Canada or apply to extend your stay.

Let us analyze the various scenarios which can give us in-depth information about how Canadian study permits

Conditional Acceptance:

In case your university asks for taking pre-requisite courses before you join the main program (which means ‘’conditional acceptance’’), the study permit is then valid for the duration of those courses and an additional one year. You need to extend your study permit after getting admitted into the main program. 

Not finishing studies on time:

If the students are unable to complete the course on time i.e. before the permit expires, you must immediately apply to extend your study permit. If it is doesn’t get approved for some reason then you should quit the course and leave Canada.

Finishing studies before time:

In case a student finishes the course before the actual duration, then his study permit will expire in 90 days after he completes the program irrespective of the date expiry date mentioned on the permit. 


A student is said to have completed the program on the day his school first acknowledges the same by a completion letter, degree or diploma transcript. The student is expected to prove this fact by submitting the necessary documents. The earliest issue date is considered and confirmed with the school, by the authorities in case no documents are provided


Visit a home country: 

A trip to the home country while you are studying is allowed and will require you to show the proof of enrolment in the school while returning to Canada. Other documents like visitor visa or electronic travel authorization eTA must be valid at this time. 

What are the criteria to get an approved student visa?

To study in Canada:

  1. You need to be enrolled at a (DLI)


  1. You need to prove that:


  • You have got adequate finances to pay for your tuition fees, living expenses, air ticket to and from Canada, 

  • Have no record of any criminal activity

  • You are in good health and sound mind

  • Show that you will leave Canada as and when your study permit expires.


In addition, to the above, the student has to:

  • Make sufficient progress in studies

  • Respect the laws and rules of the country and university

  • Leave Canada as the permit expires 

  • Cease of study if you stop meeting any requirements set by the university. 


The study permit includes:

  1. Work-related permissions

  2. Travel related permissions

  3. The date you should quit studying

The categories that don’t require a study permit: 

  1. Family or staff of foreign representatives

  2. Minor children in Canada

  3. Registered Indians in Canada

  4. Short-term studies (6 months or less)

  5. Members of foreign armed forces


However, even if one falls under this category, a study a permit is mandatory if he/she wants to work while studying.


Documents required are at the time of application:


  1. Proof of financial support

  2. A valid passport

  3. Proof of acceptance from DIL

  4. Proof of identity

  5. A letter of explanation

  6. Other documents as required.


Once the list of documents is ready, you can apply for a visa online. It will be followed by fingerprints and biometric verification, the study permit application is processed by the authorities. They may ask you to attend an interview with their officials in your home country or submit more information or documents. Once this process is done the student is only supposed to wait for the approval or rejection of his/her study permit. 


How do we help you with your visa applications?


If you are a Whizstorm student, and you are being recruited by any university or college for your higher education abroad, our experts will provide you with the latest information and at all times keep you updated about your visa application process and status. They will help you locate and gather all the documents required by the authorities. They will assist you to prepare for the visa interview and make you feel confident before you take the interview. You can take a mock interview that takes away all the nervousness about the interview. Whizstorm experts will ensure that your visa process is hassle-free and eliminate the risk of any complications. 


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