How to search jobs in Canada as an international student?

How can a student find a job in Canada?
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By Whizstorm 2020-02-01

Tips on getting a job in Canada

· Planning:- Start applying for jobs as you near the completion of your degree. Look for an internship in a firm where you get exposure in your field and also get time to establish professional relationships.

· Company website:- Research about the companies which suit your profile. Look for the vacancies in such organizations, and apply accordingly. The more you know about the company, the better are the chances of you getting hired.

· Social Platforms:- LinkedIn, nowadays is a crucial platform for employees to get updated about many job opportunities. Employers too, use these social platforms to reach maximum eligible applicants. Update your resume/CV with adding your unique personal strengths, skills related to the company's requirement, rather than sending a general resume. Green work, Workopolis,, Go2HR, Wowjobs, and Jobbank are some other famous and important websites in Canada for job opportunities.

· Understanding the Market:- Being an international student it is crucial to understand the marketplace in a new country. General information about the overall market, how does it work? what are the top industries? what the country

imports and exports? All these why’s and how’s are helpful to find jobs and, also build your performance in your career.

·Choosing the direction:- Work on making a resume that reflects your personality. Spend time with yourself and discover your interests and therefore, include those key skills in your resume. Remember, the companies are looking for more than just good grades.

·Stay positive and determined:- Not getting a job is as regular as getting it. So, keeping up the positive energy and not giving up is also an ability employers will find appealing. Keep up the spirit, and be confident while applying for a job or starting to work in a firm.

·Rules and Regulations:- It is also important to know the rules, and regulations of working in a new country. Visa validity is also an important aspect while working. Look for companies that sponsor your visa


Working in the Canadian environment:-

· Collaboration and Referrals:- Working culture in Canada is warm and positive, so communication is an important key for local as well as international students. Effective communication with employee friends may help in getting jobs through references.

· Treatment to the employees:- In Canada, the standard working schedule is Monday-Friday, 9-5 PM. The punctuality is cherished so, you should stick to the given schedule. Also, managers treat every employee equally and welcome inputs and feedback gracefully.

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