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Which job is most in demand in Canada
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By Whizstorm 2020-02-01

Employment opportunities in Canada

When you choose to study abroad with great expectations about the quality of education, you don't want to settle for just any job. After a huge investment in pursuing graduation, post-graduation or doctorate degree from a foreign university, a student wishes to work for a position or firm which involves high pay and better job security. For the same reason, Canada is becoming popular for creating plenty of job opportunities for international students after a master’s degree. STATISTICS CANADA's Labour Force Survey in June 2019 stated that employment has increased by 453,000 positions in Canada.

Comparatively, it is easier for an international student to get permanent residency in Canada than in other countries.

Hence, to help you identify various employment opportunities, we have further discussed the areas of jobs in Canada that are in-demand, highly paid and have a high number of job openings in the future.

1: Nurse Practitioners:- The major factor that drives high demand in nurse jobs is Canada's overall aging population. As a result, there are many seniors and elderly people who need health care support. The currently working nurses may be retiring from their jobs. So, registered nurse job vacancies have boosted up to 160,000 in 2017. Other than hospitals they are required in small towns, village areas and remote communities where there are fewer doctors, physicians, and hospital facilities.

2: Primary Production Managers:- They are at the prominence of Canada's resource economy. They are responsible for every process of the firm, like quality control, safety, and also meeting the production targets. Oil, mining, and gas managers are high in-demand, and also expect high salaries. However, being a primary production manager is a tough job and involves high technical as well as administrative skills.

3: Physicians and Dentist:- The average salaries for Physicians and the Dentist is around $140,000. Every year almost 3% of the dentist retires, resulting in creating vacancies for young dentists. Due to the aging population of Canada, the whole medical industry has boosted with a high number of employment opportunities.

4: Marketing Analyst:- Business analytics, Data analytics, and research analyst is required for these kinds of jobs. An entry-level market analyst makes around $45,000, with 1-4 years of experience the salary is around $50,500 and with 10-19 years of experience, a marketing analyst is expected to make $66,000.

5: Psychologist:- Being a Psychologist is one of the most sought profession in Canada in the next five years. This is because of the rise in mental health issues globally. Government projections show that there is a lack of psychologists from 2017 to 2026, and a lot of positions may go unfilled. So, there is a great opportunity for Psychology students, and have ranges of specialties like child psychology, behavioral psychology, etc.

6: Engineers:- Over the past few years, jobs in Software engineering and Data science has shown substantial growth in Canada. Also, reports reveal that mechanical engineers will be high in demand over the next decade. Followed by software engineers, automation engineers, civil engineers, petroleum engineers, electric engineers, mining engineers, etc are the top engineering fields that are in-demand in Canada. The average starting salary for an engineer is around $70,000.

7: Physiotherapist:- As stated earlier, Canada's overall population is aging, resulting in more and more people wanting to live a long healthy. It is regarded as one of the major future careers in demands due to the rise in physical and old age issues.

8: Logisticians:- The degrees obtained in supply chain management, logistic management, logistic engineer, Inventory manager, Purchasing manager can apply for this job. The Government of Canada stated that employment growth is expected to be strong in this field, and a large number of people are expected to retire. It is a career full of travel opportunities and you may never get bored in a logistics and supply chain job. The average salary for logisticians is around $27,000.

9: Hospitality and Tourism Management:- Degrees in Tourism management, Hotel and Resort Management, Hotel operations management, International hotel management, Hotel, and Food administration are qualified to work in this area. Canada is one of the most visited countries in the world. So, the service sector in Canada is never-ending and requires people from different backgrounds with presentable skills to deal with local and international clients. The average salary in this field is $66,000.

10: Construction Manager:- The role of a Construction Manager is to oversee the whole construction process, from conceptualizing to execution to completion of the project. The average Construction Manager salary in Canada is $85,000 per year, and with experience, you can earn up to $144,500 per year. You can have access to a variety of highly paid construction projects in areas like architectural, mechanical, civil, and structural engineering.

11: Financial Analyst:- A financial analyst is required to have great mathematical, analytical, decision-making, computer, and detailed oriented skills. The work is mostly in Banks, Pension funds, Insurance companies, and other businesses to provide guidance to make investment decisions. From 2017 the number of job openings for Financial and investment analysts crossed 27,000 in Canada. This rise is expected to continue until 2026. Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal are famous destinations for this job. Average salary:-$56,000.

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