Want to study in Canada - Here's Answer To Your Questions

Want to study in Canada - Here's Answer To Your Questions
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By Whizstorm 2020-05-05

1. What are the reasons to study in Canada?


The reasons to study in Canada are:


? It is an affordable study destination compared to other countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc

? It is a harmonious and multicultural country

? Canada has a tolerant, open and a free culture

? The education system is finest in the world

? Many duration courses available

? Better immigration and stay back prospects

? Excellent job opportunities

? Less but diversely-populated (mostly migrants)

? World-class tourist locations and natural beauty

? Excellent amenities and infrastructure

? A convenient and strong network of public transport

? Clean environment

? Canada’s climatic conditions are moderate, suitable with enjoyable winters.



2. Why study Engineering in Canada?


As one of the world’s most robust economies, Canada provides engineering students with numerous opportunities and allows them to take advantage of its ultra-modern infrastructure. Many colleges and universities are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) that promises the best engineering education to tech scholars.




3. Should I study in Canada or the UK?


Canada is more affordable than in the UK with regard to higher education. British universities do charge more for the prestige they have gained over the years for delivering the finest education. With respect to employment and stay back options both places serve equal opportunities. Besides, STEM courses, humanities, biosciences, law are some of the best courses that can be studied in the UK. In Canada, one can study media, Technology, Business management, Films & theatre, etc. Living expenses might be higher in the UK especially in London. Canada offers relatively cheaper accommodation options to international students.




4. What after I complete studying in Canada?


After completing your higher studies in Canada, you can go for further studies in the field of your choice. You can take up a job and gain relevant experience by staying back in Canada. You can return to your home country where with all the international knowledge and experience you will be more employable. Business management students and technology students have plenty of opportunities after studying in Canada in Canada and other countries as well.




5. What can I study in Canada?


In Canada, you can any field and discipline of your choice as long as you are otherwise eligible to pursue that program. However, Business management and technology, nursing, and media are the best courses to study in Canada.




6. What does it take to study in Canada?

To study in Canada, you should fulfill the eligibility requirements and selection criteria for the university to study your chosen program. You also need to take the academic tests required and must be financially eligible to pay the tuition fees and pay for your living expenses while you are studying in Canada. Besides, you should be willing to adjust to a new environment and complete the course efficiently.




7. What is study permit in Canada?

A study permit in Canada is permission issued by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to international students allowing them to pursue study programs that are more than 6 months duration. However, a study permit needs to be accompanied by a TRV -temporary resident visa or ETA- Electronic travel authorization.




8. What can I study in Canada after MBA?

After studying an MBA, one can take up professional certification courses in the field of finance, business analytics, SAP, PMP, etc. that are globally recognized. They can give you a good salary hike and a greater designation.




9. What to study in Canada to get a good job?

In Canada, one can study Business Management, Computers & Technology, Nursing, Media and journalism, Engineering, etc to get a good job as the job prospects in these fields are very high. International students are good chances to be absorbed by reputed companies after they complete education in this field.




10. What to study in Canada to get a PR?

To obtain a Canada PR, you need to get a job in Canada that will pay you a stable and basic salary made mandatory for the PR criteria. One can study Business Management, Computers & Technology, Nursing, Media and journalism, Engineering, etc to get a good job as the job prospects in these fields are very high. To get a PR you also need to fulfill the language and other financial requirements.

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