International Student Life in Canada

How is student life in Canada?
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By Whizstorm 2022-04-26

International Student Life in Canada

If there is any other country than the USA where students love to fulfill their dream of pursuing higher studies, then its Canada. Canada is a country that welcomes people from different backgrounds, beliefs, religions, and abilities. Also, whatever you must have heard about Canada, you'll find it turning out to be true. The people are friendly, warm and welcoming as lies in their culture. Canada has two official languages, so you have an option to study in either English or French. Don't get bothered by hearing "sorry" and "excuse me" a lot in Canada, it’s their polite nature.

Being a multicultural nation, Canada provides variety in food and delicacies. In city areas, there are many grocery stores with the availability of every international food. This provides convenience to any individual belonging to any part of the world to gather the required supplies at one utility point. If you are living inside the college campus then, you have an option to register for a meal plan. The meal plan offers you access to your college cafeteria for your all meals. If you are living outside, you can always cook along with your apartment friends and develop a new skill. Adding to your student life benefit, there are many deals and discounts available for a student in stores, restaurants, trains, and other public transports. You just need a valid student identification card.

Clothing stores are famous for most of the countries' outfits. Along with these, second-hand clothes shops are also popular, where they sell used clothes, winter jackets, and boots without charging a lot of money.

Most of the Canadian universities provide the option of working while studying for international students. You can work on-campus, off-campus, or as an intern. This helps you to fulfill your daily expenses. A wide range of universities in Canada offers scholarships to students which provide financial help. Hence, while studying you can utilize the earned money for visiting new places, trying a new cuisine or other entertainments like watching the latest movie, a video game session or a dance class or yoga session.

Canada provides a safe and beautiful traveling experience. Some Canadian universities provide transit pass, which is included in tuition fees. If you want to experience the beautiful bike paths while traveling, you'll have to get a bike which may serve as an economically better option. These are specially made paths to avoid traffic on busy streets. Apart from Canada's natural beauty and outdoor adventures, there are many dynamic cities and towns to explore. You will discover many cuisines, fresh seafood, and music which shows the culture of Canada. Your extra earnings might help you with such outdoor trips. However, it is always better to keep a check on your expenses in a foreign country.

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