Australian immigration IELTS requirement

Australian immigration IELTS requirement
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IELTS General


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to evaluate the language ability of applicants/test-takers that need to study or work in a country where English is used as the language of communication. IELTS needs to be taken for entry in universities in the UK and other countries.


The IELTS general is easier compared to the academic version and consists of 4 sections – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The Listening section consists of 40 questions in 30 minutes, the speaking section of 15 minutes with 3 parts, the reading section having 40 questions to be answered in 60 minutes, and the writing section of 2 parts. 





There are around 40 Australian Migrant visas that allow visa holders to work and live in Australia permanently. Here are some famous migrant visa classifications: 


  • Family-Based PR – if your family member is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident family member, then you may be eligible to immigrate to Australia. These migrant visas are available for Partners, Fiance, Children, Dependent relatives  

  • Work-Based PR – there are various paths to obtain Australian residency through the worker category. These migrant worker categories are: 

  • Employer-Sponsored Workers – granted to a foreign national worker in Australia sponsored by an Australian employer 

  • General Skilled Migration – for those that are not sponsored by Australian employers but recognized as a skilled migrant in Australia

  • Skill select – granted to workers that possess particular skills that Australia requires

  • Also, Permanent residency is also granted to doctors and nurses on a need-only basis


  • Under the skilled migration program, there are 5 subcategories of visas through which you can become a permanent resident in Australia

  • Skilled Independent Visa, Subclass 189

  • Skilled Nomination Visa, Subclass 190

  • Graduate Temporary Visa, Subclass 485

  • Skilled Nominations/Sponsored Provisional Visa, Subclass 489

  • Skilled Regional Visa, Subclass 887



IELTS general requirements for getting successful PR in Australia


The least IELTS score required for Australian Migration and PR is 6 in all four sections of the English language test. However, to make your PR application stronger, you have to pass a points test and these number points vary depending on the type of visa. The points are such – 

- For the Superior English category you need a score of 8 or more in each test elements in the IELTS ( 20 points)

- For the Proficient English category you need a score of 7 or more in each test elements in the IELTS ( 10 points )

- For the Component English category you need a score of 6 or more in each test elements in the IELTS ( 0 points)


Generally, IELTS scores are valid for 2 years while for applications related to skilled migration, the IELTS scores are valid for 3 years!


How Grad-Dreams can help you with IELTS general and improving your overall English language skills 


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What are the advantages of enrolling for IELTS-general with us?



- In-depth understanding of the exam design and question model


- Post-session tasks/homework 


- Flexible timings for weekdays and weekend batches


- Repetition of lectures for revision


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- Demo lectures before signing up


- Guidance for IELTS exam 


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