How to get 8 bands in ielts reading ?

Is it easy to get an 8 in IELTS?
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By Whizstorm 2022-04-22


Reading Strategies for IELTS to get 8 band score:


1) Applicants should have great reading skills in order to receive an 8 band score. Applicants have to read a lot of English newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and books on a regular basis to qualify for this. Grammar, fluency, and vocabulary will all improve. Applicants are able to connect sentences and increase language understanding and connection.

2) Make an effort to fully comprehend the question, as the answers are included within it. It is preferable for applicants to first comprehend the texts and questions before composing their responses.

3) Skim through the passage on the question paper. Give it no more than 2-3 minutes, and don't try to understand or read every word. To be able to answer all of the questions, simply go over the key material in broad strokes.


4) Scanning is vital since it allows applicants to swiftly scan the passage and discover the key elements and information.


5) Use keywords to rapidly locate and find information. It takes a lot of time to read the entire chapter just to get one minor detail.


6) Allocate time effeciently for each question. The reading phase of the IELTS will last 40 minutes, and applicants must spend no more than one minute on each question.


7) Go over the language that is relevant and related to the issue and study it.


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