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Calculate IELTS Band Scores for Reading, Listening, Writing
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 Overall IELTS Band Score Calculator


IELTS Band Score Calculator

IELTS candidates appear for 4 modules (Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking) and obtain band scores between 1 to 9 for each of these modules. You can instantly calculate your IELTS scores with just one click. 


IELTS Raw Score Calculator 

Get your IELTS raw score (marks obtained out of 40). This calculator will show you the number of correct answers you require to achieve your desired band score. The Raw Score Calculator is the perfect tool for you while preparing for the IELTS.  


Use our IELTS Score Calculator 



IELTS Overall Band Score Calculator

The average of your all-band scores is the Overall Band Score. Our Overall Band Score calculator promptly shows you the most accurate IELTS score rounding it off to the nearest half or whole band.


IELTS Band Score Interpretation

There is no passing score for IELTS. Candidates obtain scores bands (between 1 to 9) based on their ability to perform in each of the modules. Band Score Interpretation explains your English language competence in each module against each band score. 



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