TOEFL Or IELTS which is tougher?

Which is harder IELTS or TOEFL?
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By Whizstorm 2020-03-03

TOEFL and IELTS, which is tougher?

 Both the test have their difficulty levels based on their sections, which are: writing, speaking, listening and reading.

Speaking Test:

In TOEFL you have to record your answers to a computer while in IELTS you have a direct conversation with a real person, which some students find easy, less tiring and less time-consuming.

Contrary to this, if you get nervous and interacting with a new person isn’t your habit, then you will find IELTS speaking test difficult.

Writing Test:

In IELTS you have to write down your answers or essays on the test paper while in the TOEFL test you need to type everything on a computer.

Some students have a habit of writing a test which yields better results for them, so they prefer IELTS.

TOEFL writing test has questions related to comparison and contrast finding skill which is a step ahead from the IELTS test which is summarizing and descriptive answering on the given information.

Listening Test:

The time difference between the two tests in the listening section is 30 minutes.

For non-English speaking students, it is difficult to concentrate on the accent for 60 minutes in the TOEFL test.

Moreover, TOEFL has multiple choice questions only whereas IELTS has a variety of questions along with MCQs.

However, TOEFL has an easier accent than IELTS.

Reading test:

The reading context in the TOEFL test is academic whereas IELTS has academic paper and non-academic paper.

Because of the length of TOEFL as compared to IELTS, the concentration and mental stamina required is higher as per reviews from students.



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